Mobile Stock Pickers


Mobile Order Picker

operators can quickly position themselves close to the work, load items

onto the carry deck and move on to the next task. Operators can navigate

facilities more efficiently with a 5-mph maximum stowed drive speed,

while counter-rotational steering allows them to maneuver through narrow

warehouse aisles and stock room doorways with ease.

•  Heavy duty planetary gear drive motors.

•  Motor differentiating steering.

•  Point & Go one -hand drive and steer system

•  Durable chassis structure .

•  Strobe lights front and rear.

•  Stand-on foot switch operation enable control.

•  Non-Marking tire material.

•  Lanyard attachment anchor point.

•   I beam forklift standard mast highly ensures stability of operators compartment.

•   I-beam channel mast obtains higher stability .

•   Durable chassis structure.

•  Safe hydraulic system design prevents mast from falling down abruptly when dydraulic pipeline cuts off.

•  Emergency disconnector will cut off power soruce to avoid accident when rtuck goes out of control.

•  High strength rail guard and multiple lifting limit protection ensure safe picking. 

•  Automatic switch to lower speed when the fork reaches its setting height. 

• Easy access to the emergency lowering button at the bottom.

•  Automatic switch to lower speed when the fork reaches its setting height.

•  Low-noise but durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder as well as hose ensure the high reliability of hydraulic system.

•  Safety foot switch avoids operators feom misoperation.

•  Proportional drive.

•  Simultaneous lift and drive Capability.

•  Control system allows easy trouble-shooting.

•  Built-in charger and retractable charging cord, easy to charge.


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