low level access platform

Low level access platforms offer a safer alternative to using ladders, steps and interior scaffolding platforms. They can make jobs easier, quicker and more efficient. Low level access machines provide a safe and secure environment for operatives to work at height…..Learn More

Order Pickers & Stock Pickers

An order picker forklift is a piece of equipment used to help operators pick and deliver materials needed for filling out orders. Designed for applications that require an operator to be at the same level as the inventory to pick a specific order, order pickers can help increase efficiency of the users when used in the correct setting……Learn More

Lift Tables Single Scissor 1

Lift Table

CQLift The lift solutions manufactured by are suitable for almost any work area in all industries,The lifting capacity ranges from 200 kg to 10,000 kg. We understand that no customer’s needs are exactly the same, which is why we can provide customized solutions to meet any of your needs…..Learn More


 Loading Dock lift

Do More at Your Loading Dock … Safely.
CQLift Various types of elevators make your loading and unloading work safe, reliable and efficient,compared to any other dock lift because we offer various configurations, platform sizes, and customizations for indoor, outdoor, fixed position, or mobile use…..Learn More

CQLift is a company manufactured and operated in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Since 2017, CQLift has become a trusted supplier of warehousing machinery and lift equipment for enterprises.


Low level Acsce Platform | Order Pickers | Lift Table | Dock Lift

The CQLift Team is passionate about lifting the level of safety and efficiency in workplaces.

Our products are carefully selected to provide our customers with quality, innovative equipment that you can trust to perform safely, reliably and efficiently.The extensive range of lift equipment we are pleased to offer includes Low level Access Platform,boom lift, scissor lift tables, Lift table, Dock Lift, and order-pickers. Our products are all designed to improve safety, efficiency and employee job satisfaction.