Power stocker Lift

  • The power stocker lift is a special device that can help operators achieve fast picking and pallet-free handling in customer order warehouses, storage facilities, manufacturing plants, or retail storage.
  • Power stocker lift  the operator to the height of the shelf, There the operator can pick a single unit and push it in or out on the cargo deck of the machine,
  • Power stocker lift are a further development of forklifts. They are specially designed to help with the preparation of orders, allowing the operator to access the machine’s controls from one side and the pallet or load from the other, speeding up the goods collection process from storage racks.


  • 640mm x 800 mm cargo deck.

  • The platform door closes automatically.

  • Prevent unauthorized use of key switches.

  • The warning light flashes during the lifting and lowering process.

  • Buzzer alarm throughout.

  • Automatic battery low voltage alarm.

  • Deep-cycle battery, long-time work guarantee.

  • Flip stop bars on both sides of the deck to prevent accidental fall of the cargo.

Max. Working Height4.7m5.7m6.5m
Max. Platform Height2.7m3.7m4.5m
Overall Length1.38m1.38m1.42m
Overall Width0.98m0.98m0.98m
Overall Height1.86m2.36m2.25m
Platform Size(Length×Width)640mm×800mm640mm×800mm640mm×800mm
Ground Clearance0.08m0.08m0.08m
Size of front tyre6in6in6in
Size of rear tyerΦ150×50Φ150×50Φ150×50

Max. Occupants111
Max. Working Slope1.5°/3°1.5°/3°1.5°/3°
Up/Down Speed20/19sec25/22sec30/29sec

Lifting Motor12V/1.6kW12V/1.6kW12V/1.6kW

Overall Weight500kg520kg630kg

Power stocker lift Configuration features: :

  • The large cargo deck makes it easier to handle large items.
  • The cargo capacity of 300kg allows users to handle bulky items at high altitude.
  • Lifting the platform to the same height as the shelf can pull the goods into or out of the cargo deck, which saves effort.
  • The reversible barriers on both sides of the cargo deck can better prevent the material from falling during the lifting and lowering process, and prevent the damage of the cargo and the injury to people.
  • A variety of platform heights can be more accurately adapted to the picking work of shelves of different heights.
  • The power stocker lift and lowering mechanism uses forklift mast section steel, which is stable in operation and more reliable in quality.The C-shaped mast is strengthened to make the aerial picking work more stable.
  • The four corners of the chassis are equipped with anti-collision rollers to prevent accidental impacts during the movement from damaging the power stocker lift.
  • The platform is equipped with plexiglass to make the operator’s field of vision wider and avoid accidental unsafe accidents;
  • People who stand have more space, and the countertop adopts steel grating, so that users can observe obstacles under their feet at any time when descending, so as to prevent objects or people from accidentally entering the machine, causing pinching or other unsafe accidents.
  • The drawer type power box on the chassis makes it easier for the operator to pull out the power box when the machine fails or daily maintenance, and comprehensively inspect and maintain the machine’s faults.
  • It is a safer alternative to large rolling ladders, particularly when handling heavy and bulky items.
  • Floor Locks- lock the lift to the ground but also prevent an associate from raising the lift while still in the rolling position.
  • Manual emergency lowering pull valve-when picking items at high altitude, if the machine fails, use the lowering pull valve to lower the platform to the lowest height.

power stocker lift Features of use

Ground Station

  • Battery Isolator
  • Cylinder Emergency Lowering Valve
  • Charging connector
  • Drawer handle
power stocekr lift,Drivable power stocker lift


  • Voltage/power display
  • Emergency Stop
  • Key Switch
  • Up/Down Keys
  • Enable Switch
power stocekr lift,Drivable power stocker lift

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